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The World Health Organization (WHO) announcement of the coronavirus pandemic opened a Pandora’s Box for the economy across the globe. Its fear has crippled all markets worldwide, and its impact has been sharply mirrored in the wild fluctuations in an oil price war and depreciating rupee. With the virus disrupting global businesses, investor faith in asset classes such as stocks, gold, and mutual funds seems to be taking a dramatic downslide. Investors have seen their wealth getting wiped out into the red zone in their stock market portfolios within a span of few days & even hours. One clear example of wealth getting wiped out was for investors with their bets in the auto industry stocks – which the entire industry combined couldn’t sell a single vehicle in April 2020 in India owing to the lockdown.

Amidst this carnage, real estate has proved to be the safest bet for most investors who invested in it. Property prices have been holding steady across most cities over the last three quarters with PAN India values still pegged at its year-on-year average. With stable prices, attractive offers by builders and the government announcing a surfeit of measures favouring the finance, lending, industrial & real estate sector, buying a home could prove to be the safest investment bet in the current economic scenario.

Real estate has conventionally been a favourite for many investors based on four fundamental benefits - consistent income in the form of rent, reliability and safety, healthy appreciation in value, and tangibility. While every asset class comes with its set of pros and cons, real estate is known to be a wealth generator for centuries. With real-estate prices rationalising in many micro markets and several developers willing to offer attractive deals, now is the right time as any to buy your property.

A combination of price appreciation, future rental income potential, and the inherent tax benefits of real estate investment is hard to beat. In the current economic scene, it may be your best bet to secure long-term investment as an early & young investor or a seasoned tycoon.

Because the property is here to stay!

Goa – The property investment scene

The real estate market scenario in Goa has always been growing steadily over the years and hasn’t seen a noticeable drop. Largely, this is due to the comparatively better ethical business practices by homegrown construction companies in Goa. In the past, development was considered to be destructive, but in recent times you could say – ‘not always’ if the vision is channelled in the right manner serving the purpose of environmental sustainability as well as development.

One simple example would be that of us at Raj Housing – One of Goa’s leading Residential & Commercial real estate developer. The visionaries at Raj Housing are not just generic builders, but instead have a lot of inclination towards visionary aspects to develop the best properties in Goa for residential and commercial projects. Our real estate projects of the best quality constructed apartments, villas & shops are nestled in some of the cozy and yet prominent corners of Goa. Apartments are open to fantastic views and amenities, villas with the perfect ambience and luxury, and shops with the right areas for business - all have the convenience of connectivity. At the same time, these peaceful locations add to the calmness one needs in tough and testing times like the current COVID19 pandemic. The time for investment in property in Goa is right now and could have never been better. Locations such as Ponda, Mapusa, Panaji, Vasco, Siolim, Ribander & other areas located within the reach of Goa Airport, Beaches, Railway Station, Schools, Colleges, etc. with good construction quality and prompt after sales service are a great bet for 1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK Apartments, Flats, Villas & Shops in Goa.

Speak to the team at Raj Housing today, for the right advice to help you put your money on the best investment option. Call: +91-9763719962 | www.rajhousinggoa.com