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Parents in the summer holidays

Scenario 1
At 10 am
kids: "Mamma we are getting bored"
Mamma sends them to summer classes

At 5 pm
Kids: " Mamma we are getting bored"
Mamma gives them some activity

At 6 pm
Kids: "Papa we are getting bored "
Now Papa gives them some activity

At 8 pm again
Kids: " Papa we are really getting bored"
Then Papa thinks and again gives them some activity
At 9 pm

Kids: "Papa.... we are..."
Irritated papa and mama take them out for dinner and finally kids go to sleep.
Result: Bored kids, exhausted parents, no free time, boring summer

Scenario 2:
10 am: Mama and Papa go for work
5 pm: Mama goes to the beauty parlor
6 pm: Mama and Papa go for shopping
8 pm: Papa plays table tennis
9 pm: All are happily chit chatting and having dinner
Result: Energetic kids, relaxed parents, lots of free time, cool summer
Wondering how parents in scenario 2 are so relaxed? This is because the family stays at 'Raj Ryle Residency'; So kids don’t get bored here as they can enjoy swimming pool, play in the garden area, play various games such as carom, chess, table tennis and many more. Worried about the safety of the children? Oh! Why worry when the project is fully secured with video door phones, Intercom facility, CCTV camera, and security system.

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