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About Us

We have earned a hard-earned reputation for good construction and design values, superior specifications and prompt after sales service. Our strong sense of commitment to the customer is shared by our team of architects, Engineers and other professionals.

Raj Housing Family

Over past the 17 years, we have fostered a culture of continuous improvement of our product. To date, we have completed 27 projects with more than 13 lakh sq. ft. built-up area in various parts of Goa such as Ponda, Mapusa, Siolim, Ribander, Vasco, etc. We have more than 1500+ happy families in our Raj Parivar with some of them having their second and third homes with us. Raj Housing is built on the strong pillars of Credibility and Capability & possesses a hard-earned reputation for good construction, design values, excellent specifications, and prompt after-sales service. We strongly believe that the actual relationship starts after the possession.

We have a special maintenance team that makes sure that the onboarding process of the new customer in our family is a smooth one.

Our Philosophy is that “Customers invest with us not only because they have money, but they also do because they trust us and we have to live up to their trust”. We have this value imbibed in our team and they work on the same principle as well.

Live the good life in Goa, the smarter choice for home-buyers and investors. Enjoys a higher quality of life in a home built by Raj Group

Our Story

Grit and determination are primary ingredients to be successful in life. The Managing Director of Raj Housing Dev. Pvt. Ltd, Sandip Nigalye, has a success story like none other. Born and bought up in a small town of Ponda to a farmer’s family, life came with a lot of difficulties. In his childhood he would help his parents in the day to day farming activities while simultaneously working on his studies.

image of the founder of raj housing development

After completing his initial schooling in Ponda he got admission in the Government Polytechnic College, Panaji. The schooling phase was a difficult one while adjusting with the cash crunch, but things changed as he completed his education. Nigalye immediately got a job as an engineer with the Sanguem Municipal Council. Life and finances began to get stable but Mr. Nigalye wouldn’t settle for just that much. He had bigger plans. After working for eleven years he thought for venturing into business, and along with his friend, planned his first real estate project in the year 1994. It was a courageous decision. When asked about it he smiles and say, “Life is about evolving, no matter which field you are in. If you are in the same position or situation even after say 4-5 years, then you need to seriously introspect.”

The new dream did come with some challenges. Gathering funds for his first project was a major hurdle. His mother, who had been depositing small savings throughout her life, trusted her son and gave him all of the rupees 60,000 worth of her life’s saving backed by his determination and his parents’ blessings. Nigalye completed his first project of 34 flats. It was no looking back from there. Today he is the MD of the Raj Group, one of the largest business groups of Goa.