• What is the booking amount ?
    Minimum booking  amount is Rs.1,00,000/-. please speak to the concern marketing person for other details. And the balance amount as per the schedule to be paid within 30 days.
  • Will I get a receipt for the booking amount ?
    You will get a receipt for the booking amount in which all the details and the terms and conditions will be mentioned.
  • What is the difference between carpet and Super buildup area ?
    The carpet area is the area which can be measured by adding the area from wall to wall interior including all the internal passages, door seals, balcony-area, and the super build-up area consists of carpet area, the internal and external wall plus  the proportionate area of staircase, passage, lift and the common utilities if any.
  • What is the payment schedule ?
    From the date of Booking, you are supposed to pay the due amount as per the payment schedule given at the time of booking, within 40 days.
    If you are availing housing loan then you are supposed to pay margin money within 10 days & arrange loan amount in next 30 days.
    ( Agreement Value – Loan Amount = Margin Money )
    The required periods are as follows:-

    • 10 days to pay the margin money.
    • 8 to 10 days from the date of registration for getting (original) registered agreement back from the sub registrar’s office.
    • 20 days to get the disbursement from the bank once all the necessary documentation are completed.
  • What other things (other than the booking amount) will you require while booking ?
    You will be required to pay the booking amount and you have to submit two pass port size photographs and xerox copy of the PAN card of the person in whose name the booking is to be made.
  • When can we execute the agreement, and What are the formalities to be completed before & at the time of the agreement ?
    Agreement can be executed once the following things are completed.

    1. The required stamp duty is paid.
    2. The legal charges are paid.
    3. The agreed booking amount is paid before the agreement.
  • How much is the stamp duty?
    Stamp duty amount is decided as per the state G.R. ( A copy of the same is available for your perusal.)As on date it is 2.9% of the agreement value.
  • How I can pay the stamp duty?
    Stamp duty can be also paid by demand draft favoring Raj Housing Development private limited. But it is advisable to pay the stamp duty in cash because, we can get the stamp papers/ franking done immediately against that.
  • Can we have some internal changes / alterations in the shop, flat, bungalow ?
    Alterations/ changes will be subject to the approval of consulting architect/structural engineer.Any changes/ alteration in the constructions or the material are to be discussed with the construction department / the site engineer, once the agreement is executed. It is advisable to make all the communication in writing ( and not in verbal form ) in this regard, & to take a acknowledgment copy.
  • Do you assist for the bank loan formalities ?
    We will surely assist you in loan formalities. All the papers required from builder’s side for housing loan will be handed over to you with the agreement.We have tie ups with different banks. & we help you in speeding up the process. But it must be noted that getting  housing loan sanctioned and getting the disbursement in time, is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.The delay in getting the loan disbursed in the stipulated period can not be a reason for the delay in payments.
  • What are the consequences in the case of default in payment by the purchaser ?
    The payment schedule is decided at the time of booking & is required to be followed strictly. The delayed payments will attract the interest as per clauses in the agreement.
  • Whether there will be intimation from builder about the payment (due payment) at every stage?
    At every stage builder will be informing about the due payment by s.m.s., phone call , demand letter, etc.It kindly be noted that non receipt of anything of above will not be an excuse for the delay in payment.
  • Can I sell the flat before completion / possession ?
    Sell of flat at any stage is legally permitted.The new purchaser will be required to get the agreement done with the help of our panel advocate only. Fees if any to the advocate are to be born by the new purchaser.And transfer fee if any is required to be paid by the seller.
  • When is the possession expected ?
    The tentative possession date will be told to you at the time of booking. (It will be noted on the booking form.) The exact possession date or the period will be mentioned in the agreement.
  • What is the arrangement of the maintenance ?
    The corpus fund is collected from the customer at the time of possession,which is converted into a fixed deposit in a bank in the name of the society. The interest accrued on it will take care of part maintenance and the balance amount will be collected on monthly basis. The advance maintenance charges for the first year is collected from the date of possession or on obtaining occupancy whichever is earlier. Please speak to the marketing personnel for the specific details.
  • Will the society be formed or not ?
    The society will be formed in the due course of time once the entire project is completed.Some amount on account of the society formation is to be paid at the time of possession, Additional if any is to be paid as and when called for.
  • We thank you for the interest shown in our projects.
  • Try to eliminate all the doubts, & Try to get all the questions answered before booking.
  • Feel free to call on us at any point of time. on the office nos. +91 832 2312072 / 2314647.
  • We will be glad to answer / explain / assist any query / question / doubt.
  • For technical assistance Contact: Samresh: 8308806926(Ponda) , Shruti :9130056647(Mapusa)  
  • For payment details and inquires of shop, flat, office,Contact: Sameer:8808806941(Ponda) , Swapnil:8308806934(Mapusa)